Snow White Sweater

Have I got the Amazon find of the season for you! This sweater is absolute perfection! So much so, it gets its own post and may even appear on my blog more than once this Winter. πŸ˜‰ While the snow has miraculously not landed here in Southern Michigan (not complaining) I’m bringing the theme through my fashion.

Let’s pause for a minute and talk about photoshoots. I normally don’t share what goes on or into a shoot. Doing this as long as I have, I definitely have some stories! Not to mention surprise guests: cops(totally thought I was going to get a ticket!), firemen (THAT was funny!! …and slightly embarrassing), random friends, family etc. This one… this one was more like the shoot that just didn’t want to happen. My shutter stopped working mid-shoot and I had to wait for Amazon to deliver the new one. Second round the necklace broke and I had to fix it since it’s a bit older. Third shoot it was crazy windy and now freezing cold! So, yes the pictures are from several shoots mixed together. I’m an outfit repeater. The sweater is worth it I promise!

THIS sweater is at the top of my Amazon recommendation list for winter! While some say in the reviews that it’s a coat, it is definitely a sweater. The fur detail and mixed patterns just add a level of detail that helps make this sweater unique. It feels luxurious, soft and is so easy to dress up or down! I’ve honestly been wearing it with my pajamas and as you can see I dressed it up a bit. The fur is not completely lined inside, just the outer flap to give it that extra touch of a Snow Queen vibe. I had this sweater hanging in my room to shoot and when my family saw it let’s just say there was a try on followed by several “add to cart” moments. The best part? It’s under $40! Totally affordable, runs true to size and is a perfect addition for your Winter wardrobe!

I miss dressing up. This pandemic has me looking at some of my dresses and pouting as they have no where to go. If anyone walks by and sees me in a ball gown, just keep walking. I’m just being me over here. For that reason, I wanted to dress it up a tad! This royal dress from SheIn is a classic a-line dress but with scalloped edges for a feminine flare. I definitely recommend going up a size in this one. For those not in a Northern state… it’s COLD here. If it’s not the actual temperature, it’s the wind chill. As someone who loves to wear dresses all year round, my biggest tip for the Winter months is fleece lined tights. Which is what I am wearing in these pictures, they definitely help protect my legs.

I’ve shared my snowflake set for a couple years now and I’ve gotten so many comments on it! Unfortunately, it is so old and I hadn’t seen anything like! Luckily this year Sugarfix released a snowflake set ofΒ earrings and necklace that is just as swoon worthy.

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming! Y’all, I am SO excited!! Not necessarily for Christmas but because I get two weeks off this year! Friday is my last Space Day until 2021. I am planning on sewing, sleeping and drinking lots of coffee! Have a blessed week y’all!

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