Before & After: Dining Room

I’ve finally got chairs y’all! I’m sharing my before and after of my dining room which is probably the smallest space in my house and the least amount of change. Let me just say, I can’t believe it took me 7 months to make a decision about dining room chairs! The funny thing is that these were actually the very first ones I picked out too!


Shortly after I moved in. Before all of the painting was even finished!

When I first moved in all I had was a table! This isn’t an ordinary table though. Oh no, this table has history! This table was my Great Grandmother Matilda Klink’s dining room table that she had at the homestead (about 5 miles away) and my only piece from her. I absolutely love every single nick and scratch on this table. Why? That woman had 10 kids on an over 100 acre farm! It’s in AMAZING condition!! Since I didn’t have chairs yet I simply used my bench until I could make a decision. The bench actually became pretty well known in my Zoom backgrounds.

I spent months going back and forth on what it was that I wanted for dining room chairs. I was torn with going white, cherry or for more of a beach vibe. I wanted to stay as far from the farmhouse style as possible as that is definitely not me. Like I said, I was completely torn and couldn’t seem to make a decision. Finally in the beginning of November I knew when I kept returning to the original chairs that those were it. However, they were out of stock. Then it became more of a waiting game and lots of messages with the company on when they were expected back in. Long story short, I absolutely LOVE them!! I’m so glad I went with my original choice! Funny enough, they actually match my couch too. Since the space is open it isn’t all that far away. But the chairs are a perfect completion to the Tower.

I always knew exactly which walls I was going to hang quilts on in my home. There are only a few spaces for them. What I didn’t expect is that they would become a hit in Zoom meetings! I change the quilts with the seasons and they tend to be a fun conversation starter.

I gotta admit, having actual chairs in my house has come in handy. I know, shocking. I hosted Christmas Eve dinner, had a few other family dinners and they are quite comfy to work from!

Well it’s a busy first week back at work for me so far. 2021 is sure starting off interesting, although I could have done without blisters on my heels from a trip to the grocery store. That’s what I get for actually wearing sensible shoes for once. If anyone sees me this week in flip flops… well… Keep in mind we had an ice and snow storm this past weekend too. Hence the silly sensible shoe choice. Have a blessed week y’all!

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