Sticks & Stones

It’s been a while since I’ve stepped up onto my little soap box, but this one is long overdue. I can also guarantee almost everyone needs to hear some part of it. So, grab a seat and listen up y’all; cause this one’s gonna be good.

Let’s take it back to the beginning, I’m talking nursery rhymes y’all. Now pay close attention, because some of you must have been busy coloring that day. 

Now, if you skipped over it, go read it. I insist. You see, when grown up’s act like children, we’re going to take it back to a children’s lesson. That way everyone can understand the lesson. 

I have been called many names in my life. Narrowing it down to just this past year, the amount of names and words said about me have been numerous! And those are just the ones I know about. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one, that this is true for many people. You see kids, grown up’s don’t know how to play nice in the sand box.

Some of the things said about me have been so wrong about me that I didn’t even bother a raise of my eyebrow. Some were so wrong, I just started laughing. Sure, a couple hurt. I had worked hard at something and to be told something else hurt me a bit. But it didn’t last, because I knew the truth and others did too. My personal favorite has been when those that truly know me, have been the first to speak out at how untrue certain comments were on my character.

You see, I don’t care what everyone’s opinion is of me or my character. I don’t care what people say about me. Those that are in my circle, my people, those are the ones that truly know me and my heart. I care above all what God thinks about me! I answer only to Him! So, what does God think about me?

God has given me words, guidance, names etc. throughout the years. HE has told me who I am. It’s HIM I listen to. And let me tell you, some of those have led to some remarkable experiences in my life! God will give you a word as well or even a name. All you need to do is ask. Ask HIM what direction HE wants you to go in this season of your life! Although, I feel I do need to mention… after you ask you do need to listen. It’s kind of a key ingredient in the whole relationship recipe, but that’s another topic for another time.


You could literally Google the countless names/words that God uses to describe you in the Bible. Spend some time pouring over your Bible, lose yourself in a worship song or even get with your fellow peeps. But, that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. You see the following examples that I am pulling from I am getting real specific! I am looking and talking about those moments where God singles you out, takes your breath away, stops everything, turns your world around, makes your do a double take, and leads you down a rabbit hole of questions. I am talking about a personal experience that happened to you from God.

I have been blessed to have been called several names by my Lord and Savior. Even my actual name, ‘Katie’ was given by HIM during my birth. But, that’s a story that I usually let my Mom tell. Instead, I’m going to tell you a funny story of how I got the name “Fearless”. I’ve always said that God has a sense of humor!

I was in a job interview when I was asked the dreaded question, “describe yourself in three words”. I’ve never been good at talking about myself, so this is one that I always practiced before hand. Well, “Fearless” was the third one that came out of my mouth. Only, I didn’t say it. I knew immediately it was God. However, I was in a job interview and I was trying my best to control my facial expressions. Of course that was the one that I was asked to elaborate on… In my head I was thinking, “can you answer that too?” I don’t even remember what I came up with to tell you the truth. I had never used that word to describe myself before. It led to a bit of self reflection, prayer and truth be told I am COMPLETELY FEARLESS!

I tend to not realize it, because it’s just the way I am. I just do things without thinking because they need to be done. Then, I look back at the shocked faces and realize that they were scared. Oops. So, yes I am fearless. God just had a fun way of letting me know that about myself so that I could go down the path to own it! Ask HIM for a name of your own, it just may surprise you!

Words for a Season

Note the word “Season” for this one. Also note, our timing is definitely not God’s timing! That is one thing I still remind myself DAILY! I’ve noticed that these words/promises are almost like a head’s up or a warning. Don’t get me wrong, they’re totally a blessing! But what’s a blessing without a bit of pain and a touch of tears!?

My example for this one is a word that a lot people actually fear or hate.. “Change”. I actually have a selfie in my phone from the moment that God told me this one. It wasn’t a post worthy one, but I knew I would want to remember the moment. It was January 2019, I was in the backseat of a van in Florida on the last night of my vacation. All of a sudden God told me, “Everything is about to Change”.

It’s a good thing I’m a big believer in the fact that things are happening in the unseen because I didn’t start seeing changes for 5-6 months. But boy did God deliver! If y’all have been following me for a while you’ve been privy to some of those changes! I’m not sharing all of them, some I still wish to keep private and dear to my heart. But let’s start with car, job, plans, church, house… just to name a few! All of which were completely God’s doing! Each with a story of their own. In fact, I’ve gone through so many changes in such a short amount of time I’ve pretty much got a “bring it on” mentality at all times. I’ve never been afraid of change, but now I embrace it! Plot twist y’all!

New Years is the time for people to start resolutions. Well, I have a tradition of asking God for a new word for myself every year. Lent just started, and it’s a great time to do the same thing!

Words of Action

For those smart students in the class that are about to tell me it’s called a “verb”, I’m going to remind you that we had to bring the point of this lesson back to a nursery rhyme. Lower some expectations on technical English words y’all. However, if you want extra credit here’s an awesome School House Rock video for you. 😉

Last year was my most recent example of an action word that God has given me. He told me to RISE! I didn’t just get a word with this one, God also kept sending me a rising dove. It was very specific. Wings spread out, rising dove. Almost like a phoenix. I didn’t just get the word or dove once either, but over and over and over again. For months. I got reassurance, I needed reassurance! I was going through a season at work and in my life where I needed to learn, grow, do things that would shock people, literally RISE! This season lasted from November to March. In March, I was told that I could finally rest. It’s a year later and I am still shocking people. I have never felt like I had wings so much in my life! I have done things I never even imagined! This one is truly hard to put into words. But it was definitely an action, just like when I was told to finally rest was an action.

Now, I’m going to wrap this lesson up with another stone quote. This one I want you to think about the next time you feel like talking about someone else, picking a fight etc. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, far from it. But what I am saying is that it’s one that I quote the most. Now, go and play nice in the sandbox.


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