Spring Leopard Overlay

Spring is starting to show its spots around here in Michigan and I am here for it! What better way to kick off some Spring posts with some fashion?! This neutral leopard print overlay from Impressions is the perfect piece to carry you right through Fall.

There is nothing I love more than a versatile piece that will go through multiple seasons! Which is why this Wing Woman Overlay with it’s neutral tones, subtle strands of gold and mix of leopard print is just that piece. Not only is it a show stopper with a classic jeans/t-shirt look but when the temperature rises it will look amazing over a sundress or even a swimsuit as well! I went with all black to showcase the print and keep it classic. But I’m also loving it with my blue jeans and white t-shirt look as well.

This was my first time trying Impressions after running across them online. I gotta say, I’m slightly obsessed! They have new arrivals on the regular and their pieces are just adorable! My wish list is getting a bit long… The overlay was hanging for a couple weeks waiting to do a photoshoot when we just kept getting slammed with snowstorms here in Michigan. Let’s just say, I had to keep sending the link prior to this post because I kept letting my family play dress up in my closet! It’s a bit of a showstopper in person!

Lets talk accessories! My glitzy rose gold necklace ย and earrings I picked up from my trip in January 2020. Here are similar earrings and necklace for you. My wedges are a couple years old now and gifted from Avenue, but here is a recent pair. My clutch is also a few years old and was gifted from Grace Layne, but here is a similar style.

Speaking of earrings, I’ve got a little PSA for y’all. We are coming up on a year of this pesky pandemic now. If you were a big fan of earrings, wore them a ton before March 2020 and have been working from home in your pj’s for most of the year; start putting them in occasionally again. Trust me, if you’ve gone that long without wearing them you’re going to want to start small amounts of time and work up to wearing them the full day. Your ears can thank me later.

It’s a busy ‘Space Girl’ week for me as I am in virtual Washington DC! It’s pretty much my work trip from last year but spaced out a bit more and from the Zoom comfort of my own home. Still singing School House Rock though as I make my way on Capitol Hill. Have a blessed week y’all!

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