DIY Spring Wreath

The seasons are a changing again and I am here for it! It’s time to brighten up after Winter and what better way to do it than with a Spring Floral Wreath?! This time, I am sharing how I made my wreath as well as my tips & tricks along the way.

Tip #1: You don’t have to be brand loyal! // Unless you were given a gift card that is! Do your homework, look online, shop around! I knew for Spring that I wanted my favorite flower, magnolias to be front and center. I had one already from JoAnn’s that I had bought to see if I liked it for my Christmas tree and ended up going in a frosted direction. So, I bought two more from JoAnns so that they would match. The rest of the flowers came from Michaels because I felt that they had a better selection this season. It doesn’t always end up that way. My Fall wreath was entirely from JoAnns, and my Christmas tree was entirely from Michaels! Just make sure to look for sales and coupons!

Tip #2: Choose Flowers YOU like! // Honestly, it’s YOUR wreath. You could make a wreath for every single season with the same exact flower in different colors and as long as it makes you happy, that’s the point! So, don’t worry about what’s in season and what isn’t! Peonies have a special meaning to me and are one of my favorites. I’ve also been a big fan of hydrangeas, but I mainly wanted a blue flower to mix in.

Once you have an idea on what you want, purchased all the flowers, frame/hoop, flower wire etc. it’s time to get going! The only tools I use are wire cutters, wire and scissors. I like to lay out all of the supplies around me so that everything is within reach. Now, if I’m being completely honest I normally sit on the floor and do this while watching TV as it can get a bit tedious.

My first step is to trim down all of the stems on the flowers and leaves. You will not need 20″ of a stem for a wreath! I can guarantee it! So, I trim them down to a manageable size and toss the excess.

I LOVE bows! Not sure if you noticed with the bows I wear in my hair all the time… So, yes I do make my bows early on. But I don’t attach them yet. I just lay it out! Which is good, because when you see the final product you will notice that the bow moves a bit. This ribbon I actually found on Amazon! I definitely recommend wire ribbon for wreaths! Trust me, I’ve used non-wire ribbon before and tapped wire to the back. Get the wire ribbon and save yourself.

Tip #3: Bows made with “Bunny Ear” method turn out better! // I think that says it all, but if you’re having trouble think about how you learned to tie your shoes. “Bunny Ears” for the win! Don’t be afraid to fluff and play with your bow until it’s just right.

Next up is attaching the flowers! Since I knew I wanted the magnolias front and center, I started with putting them there. I just take a long piece of wire and criss-cross wrap it onto the stem and wire frame. The process is a bit different for a normal wreath base. But the concept is the same, you don’t want the flower to move much! Once I had it nice and tight, I trimmed down the stem even more to very short/flat length.

One down, lots to go! I placed the magnolias first, magnolia leaves second then the hydrangeas. I used the leaves to help stabilize all of those flowers in place from behind before adding the tiny peonies as an accent in front. There weren’t very many leaves leftover by the time I was finished, although I did run out of wire and had to get into my toolbox for the picture hanging wire at one point! The last actual attachment was of course, the bow!

Tip #4: Throughout the process, stop and hang up the wreath. Take a step back and adjust if needed. // That’s how I knew I needed to add the leaves from behind, the bow wasn’t going to be front and center, etc. It’s ok to keep hanging it up to see what it will look like, after all that’s why you’re doing it! That’s also a good time to just play with the flowers and leaves to cover up the wires if they are showing a bit.

Ta-da! My finished wreath turned out even better then I had envisioned! It’s definitely lovely to see the bright colors after the dull grey months we’ve had here in Michigan. If you are looking for any of the products that I used, here are the links:

Magnolias/Peonies/Hydrangeas/Magnolia Leaves/Wire Hoop/Gingham Ribbon

I have been enjoying changing things over into the Spring season. Not so much the cleaning part, but decking my home out for Easter is always fun! Lots of bright shades of blue around here! Have a blessed week y’all!

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