Easter Home Tour


Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I am thrilled that I get to host it this year! It’s also a bit significant as this is my one year anniversary in my home! So, come one inside and take a peek at the Spring takeover!


My DIY Spring Wreath has already hit the blog, but my entryway is a refreshing bright Spring blue!


I have a couple of baskets in my house that I hilariously call “bunny bait”. They are filled with homemade fabric carrots and empty eggs tied together with a bright blue bow to match. The first of these baskets is found in my entryway and this particular basket is actually the only basket I have ever made!


Meet Cori! This bunny quilt that hangs in my entryway was a gift last year from a dear family member. It was one of the first things I received in my new home! Funny enough, the only bunnies I have are on quilts.


Luckily, in my family we split up the meal so that one person doesn’t do all the work. This year I am in charge of the potatoes and dessert! Such a fun combination! I’m making hash brown casserole – You know the one. The cheesy yummy goodness that you get from Cracker Barrel. Yeah, I have that recipe! For dessert I’m planning individual lemon meringue pies and Mississippi mud cupcakes. Gotta have options! I’m also making peach iced tea for a fun change!


This quilt is my latest design and I’ve been told it’s a showstopper! I actually have quite a few people wanting the pattern. It’s called Mugshot Bunnies, an idea that came to me one sleepless night in November. These convict hare’s are perfect for this time of year.


As I mentioned, I am hosting Easter dinner this year! I was thrilled to be able to put a tables-cape together and immediately went to Pinterest for inspiration. Naturally… However, I gotta admit I was immensely disappointed. There wasn’t a single one that was about Jesus! Trust me, I looked! We don’t have any little kids in the family at the moment, just us grown ups. While the Easter Bunny is fun and makes it fun for kids, it isn’t the meaning of my Easter. Yes, I do have bunnies on my walls and baskets around my house. I’m not saying we don’t do baskets. But when it comes to actual Easter dinner, I want it to be about Jesus and only Jesus!!


When it came down to it, I went with the nails to keep it simple but make a big impact. I will never forget the look on the man’s face at ACE when he asked what I was looking for and I replied, “nails that look like they would crucify Jesus!” Let’s just say he won’t be forgetting me anytime soon. I designed tags to go along with them and have them as a free printable for you here. They say “Forgiven”, “It is Finished”, “Paid in Full”, and “He is Risen” all featuring a dove.

Little tip if you decide to buy 8″ spikes (or other nails) to recreate the look – make sure to REALLY wash them! The nails can be pretty gross and have grease on them. I scrubbed these before decorating them and putting them on the plates.


Everything kind of fell into a shades of blue, white and cream theme naturally. I’ve been collecting pieces of milk glass over time and the Harvest Grape collection was my latest acquire. It’s perfect for the occasion! My Mamaw used to have the goblets, so I had always wanted my own set! The chargers are MacKenzie-Childs Royal Check collection and have touches of cream and white in them. I fell in love with the napkins at one of my HomeGoods trips and the off-white/cream placemats are from Amazon and fit perfectly!


There you go, my little blue Spring takeover! I took a couple days off so that I get a bit of an “Easter Break” this week that I’m looking forward to. Have a wonderful Easter, HE is RISEN y’all!!!

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