preneLOVE Ocean Bag Duo

I have officially joined the preneLOVE bandwagon!! I kept seeing the neoprene trend expanding and knew I had to see what all the fuss is about. What’s better than one bag… two bags!

For those that haven’t heard of preneLOVE yet, let me spill some details for you. The bags are made out of a neoprene material that is durable, lightweight and super soft! These bags are flexible but STURDY! The handles are made out of sailing rope/line! The inside of the tote is open and perfect for storing your tote organizer, laptop etc. These are easy to clean and you can take them anywhere! There are snaps on the sides make it expandable if need be. The matching clutch is perfect for storing the necessities when you need something lighter to carry and I just adore the heart logo.

White, navy, sailing line… this just screams a tote bag for Katie! preneLOVE is a company based out of Canada but I first fell for the totes from a small online boutique out of Brentwood, Tennessee. Hot Pink Brentwood has the Ocean bag that I ordered as well as a few others in stock in the states. Plus the other fun things from their store! While the bags have a decent price tag, I definitely think it’s worth it! Especially considering you’re getting two bags for the price of one.

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