Painted America Vest

“What I love most about rivers is: You can’t step in the same river twice. The water’s always changing, always flowing…” – Pocahontas // This Painted America Vest is also always flowing and I couldn’t wait to share this Amazon find with y’all!

If you leave me alone long enough, you can totally catch me twirling… even without music! Whether it’s in a dress, skirt, fun kimono, this vest, daydreaming or I’m caught playing in the midst of a sea of bubbles. Yup! I’m that girl! This vest kept getting caught in the wind the day of the shoot making it a fun site for all to see by the River. 

Even without the wind, I’ve always been a fan of kimonos and vests because they tend to have movement on their own. I tend to have a ‘walk’ and when I move, let’s just say it moves well with me. It’s also a little hard to capture in a picture! 😉 I’ve been told they are “totally me”, called “rockstar”, it’s “your look” and so on by those that know me as well as strangers. Needless to say, I rock them with major confidence! 

Adding a Patriotic vest has been on my wish list for a couple years now. I just kept hunting for one that was more… me! When I came across this artsy painted looking one from Amazon, I knew it was perfect! I have an art background, creative mindset and always ready to “paint the town”! My favorite part is actually the fact that it’s kind of a surprise when looking from the front. It’s appears white and subtle then… BAM! AMERICA! 

My patch clutch was a DIY and you can find a post I did on it a few years back here. It’s perfect for me to bust out this time of year off and on. The earrings I’m wearing are part of a larger set and are also from Amazon, here is the link for those.

Vests are lovely this time of year as you can dress them up and down, use them when your cold and switch them up during the time of day. I’m showing a more classic style by wearing it with my favorite jeans and a white tank. It would be fun and a bit dressy over a blue, white or red sundress. Or if you’re headed to the beach, pool or lake throw it on over your swimsuit!

I don’t know about you, but last week was a tough one for me. I’m hoping this week goes a whole lot better for all of us!! Blessings y’all!

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