3 Easy Red, White & Blue Desserts

Whether you want to throw together a patriotic dessert bar or just looking for one idea, I’m sharing 3 Easy Red, White & Blue Desserts that you can whip together. All three are fun, kid friendly, family friendly and perfect for this summer!

Let’s start with the ice cream sandwiches! Now, you could make these even easier and buy the rectangle ice cream sandwiches to roll in sprinkles. Me? Nope, I made mine! I made my classic chocolate chip cookies and sandwiched them with some French Vanilla ice cream. Then I rolled them in my red, white and blue star sprinkles for the finished Americana look! Curious where I got the giant container of sprinkles? Amazon! I’ll link it here for you.

These were a hit with my family! I was even asked if I made the ice cream too! If things are getting a bit too soft when you’re making them, just put everything back in the freezer for a bit and start again. Remember, you’re working with ice cream so it’s best to serve at the last possible minute with this one.

Where my cone fans at?!? The moment I saw this Hudsonville American Fireworks ice cream in the store I just knew what I wanted to make with it. The ice cream has a sour cherry swirl and pop rocks!! After raiding my sprinkle collection for the red, patriotic as well as stars I just put them in their own little bowls. I dipped the sugar cones in melted white chocolate and then rolled it in the sprinkle bowls letting dry right side up. I found it best to do this the night before so that the chocolate is hardened. Then for serving I pulled out the awesome American Firework ice cream to add to it!

Fun fact: I LOVE pop rocks!!

Last but not least, the non-melting option.. Cupcakes! Cupcakes can be so versatile, you can literally make them match any occasion. I made my classic white vanilla bean cupcakes with my classic buttercream. I’ve become a bit known for my cupcakes! πŸ˜‰ To make it even easier for you, you can always grab your favorite box mix and container of frosting. I found these adorable and large cake cups at Homegoods as well as the napkins. I topped the cupcakes off with some more of those star sprinkles to complete the look. Most of my frosting I left white, but you can see where I started playing with red food coloring on some of them. Again, so easy and this is a really fun one for kids to get involved in!

Which one is my favorite? I’m a cookie girl! Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite, can’t beat a classic!

It’s finally warming up here in the mitten. I took the full top off of my jeep for the first time last weekend and am looking forward to some breezy drives this summer! Have a blessed week y’all!

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