Before & After: Garage

I think it’s safe to say I have the prettiest garage in the neighborhood! Or as I like to call it, Celeste’s bedroom! This before & after was definitely a lot of hard work and took a whole lot of planning! Especially since I had to wait for winter to thaw here in the mitten.

My story here in my condo actually started right here in the garage. I had a couple of reasons that I wanted to give it a makeover. If we are looking back to my history in the Tower, it started here. I knew right here. I hadn’t seen the upstairs, I hadn’t gone far, this was it. This was where I knew that this was it, this was my condo. I had literally walked in the front door and taken a couple of steps into the garage. That was it. God told me that this was my new home.

*Isn’t that Kayak awesome?!? I totally told my Realtor that if the seller wanted to leave it there that he could! That’s also why I never did anything with that wall, just in case I get one for myself… I know right where it’s going.

Let me tell you a bit of another family tradition for those of you that might be wondering why on earth you would do this to a garage. My Grandmother had a sea-foam green garage that was always kept spick and span complete with lace curtains. Make a little more sense? I went with a Tiffany Blue tone that keeps a Beachy feel, but makes it a bit more me as well! Since Celeste is white, she’s more like the “bow” on the box. The garage is the last sight you see when you leave home and the first sight you see when you get home, don’t you want it to make you happy?!?! I sure did!

I had quite the undertaking as the walls in my garage were never treated, never primed, were completely uneven, and were almost completely laughable! So, I primed all of the walls and ceiling before finally getting to make it blue! Not to mention I had to move everything that was already in my garage and then completely re-organize it to my liking.

Let’s be honest, everyone’s garage is going to be different and customized to fit their needs! Me, I have some shoes… I also need to be able to get to my suitcase in a normal (non-pandemic) world at the drop of a hat. I’m already planning some work trips for next year. I keep a drink fridge in my garage filled with waters and sodas for quick on-the-go or company. This is also where I can store extra cleaning supplies and paper products that won’t fit upstairs. Last but not least, I’m a water person! Not sure if you noticed… We have a pool here, I’m ready to head to the beach/lake at a moment’s notice and everything is right at my fingertips.

Have you ever been curious how I organize my front door decor? My old clothing rack was perfect for holding the rugs and wreaths! I have the rugs stacked neatly, the garden flags in the bin and the wreaths are in their bags labeled neatly. I LOVE organization!!

I remember telling my Realtor, Matt that I needed to go and take a picture in the garage to see if my shoes would fit!! Ha! Good thing he knows me.. I also ran into him a couple weeks ago when I finished the garage and showed him pictures. Don’t worry! We decided that when I do go to sell it eventually that he will set up a tiki bar in the garage or something! πŸ˜‰

Who hangs gallery art and pictures in their garage?! This girl!! I have always been a car girl!! The set of three pictures are of my first car as a baby, Hemi (my Truck) and Celeste (my Jeep). The set of two pictures that are above the mini fridge are my Barbie Jeep and then a picture of a Test Track car! An homage to my Disney days! I sadly have many more pictures that I could have chosen from, I do wish though that I had one of me playing in the Dodge Viper at the local dealership when I was little. I would always “disappear” while we were there and my family would just find me in it. It was one of the employees! They just let me play in it!

Hope you enjoyed a little fun and Beachy way to kick off June! Have a blessed week y’all and have fun thinking about designing your garages! πŸ˜‰

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