3 Fun Patriotic Fruit Desserts

Need some last minute, quick, healthy-ish ideas this Independence Day weekend? My family loves fruit this time of year, and I whipped these up one evening before a family get together. They were all a big hit and I happened to have everything in my cupboards!

White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries // Patriotic edition!! Y’all know I LOVE those sprinkles!! I actually keep big bags of Ghirardelli baking chocolate in my cupboards too. It comes out around Christmas at Sam’s or Costco and I just stock up for the year! I’m a sucker for a chocolate dipped strawberry, and they are so simple to make! Just melt the chocolate & dip, dip in sprinkles and let cool. I just call it “dip, dip!”

BlueMelon Wands // These are just so fun and kid friendly! ‘Tis the season for grilling and with that comes shish kabob sticks! Keep them out because they are going to come in handy y’all. I have several sizes, for these I used a medium sized stick. When I was cutting up my watermelon I cut it into thicker slices and used a star cookie cutter to get the star shapes. Obviously there was a lot leftover, which was totally eaten as well! I started by putting 8 blueberries onto each stick of similar size. I found that seemed to be the perfect size to leave enough room for me to add the stars on top. I lined the bowl with leftover blueberries and watermelon stars for those that didn’t want a wand.

Fruit Flag // I saved the best for last! I mean, this one does have marshmallows!! Grab the large shish kabob sticks you have lying around, mini marshmallows, leftover blueberries and a pack of raspberries. This one you might want to make as close to serving as possible as the marshmallows might get a little soggy and start turning pinkish red from the raspberries. πŸ˜‰ Pro tip for you! This one gets a bit tedious, but it’s a fun hit for your table! Not to mention equally delicious!

Curious about my quick table decor too? So simple! I also grabbed a glass before sitting down for everyone to put their flags in before we ate. That way they didn’t get in the way. Have a wonderful, fun and safe Independence Day weekend y’all!!

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