What’s in my Lake Day Bag

I have been spending quite a bit of time at the lake lately, including on boats! I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my Lake Day bag for a day on the boat. I gotta tell you, it sure does take a village!

Before one of my lake day trips, I spent the day at Manitou Beach exploring the shops and town. I definitely wanted to make sure that the stores were represented within my Lake Day bag. I’ll be sharing my Day in Manitou Beach next week on the blog, so stay tuned for that one!

Like my Lake Life tote? That one I snagged in my hometown! The Cottage Rabbit is a store downtown that has a group of vendors, artisans, collectors and makers. I actually had them bring it in for me special as they had a few other kinds. The Cottage Rabbit is also my local go-to for my milk glass collection. πŸ˜‰

I’m a bit blessed that there are showers and bathrooms just steps from the dock. Which means that I can take a full shower, post-boat day experience! Because of this I actually pack my travel size shower essentials and change of clothes. You never know where you will end up afterwards! To make it all compact and easy, I like to pack it all in my packing cubes that I use for traveling. I also pack an extra swimsuit. Why? I was a swimmer growing up. You. Always. Pack. An. Extra. Suit.

My clear Spartina bag is my travel shower bag as it holds all of the little bottles perfectly! In Manitou Beach, Devils Lake View Living is the Spartina go-to!! I can’t imagine buying online anytime soon after being able to finally see them all in person. I was really excited to see all of the Great Lakes collection too!

Oh my word, these Michi-Gummies y’all!! I snagged these at Michigan Gyspy and boy do I wish I bought more. Don’t worry, I’m going back! I bring something salty and something sweet onboard making sure that neither will melt. So, I brought popcorn and these rockin’ gummies! They are packed with flavor and actually larger than I was thinking they would be. A perfect snack on the water!

I’ve been wanting to try Swig products, so when I ran across them at Paula’s Poop Deck it was the perfect opportunity! It was exactly what I was wanting, something to keep my drinks cold and covered. I love the white as it just goes with everything, even if it is from their golf line. πŸ˜‰

I have been in a few too many (some hilarious) situations where a bottle opener was needed, and there wasn’t one to be found! Oh, I got creative, but there was some damage… because of those situations, I try and always bring one regardless if I actually plan on using it or not. This pineapple one is just adorable! I snagged it from Michigan Gypsy during my last visit.

Speaking of Michigan Gypsy, they have the softest tie-dye shirts in right now! I fell in love with the dark navy version and knew it would be perfect for the later in the evening post-boat trip shower. Michigan Gypsy is the kind of boutique where you can have them add selected artwork to an apparel item for you. Which is why I chose their unique Michigan design to be added to the shirt.

Let’s talk about a few smaller things you can find in my bag! I like to throw in a couple of bag clips, that way if their are left over chips or whatever I have a clip to wrap it up. The bug repellant is more for when the sun goes down and the mosquitos come out! It’s bad out there y’all! Believe it or not, I have severe motion sickness. You would never know it with how much I’m on the water, because I actually manage it! I have a prescription for the patches behind the ear. As long as I’m not reading a book or anything when the boat is moving, I’m good!

When Tucker is onboard I make sure to pack his essentials as well. Such as a leash and his collapsible water dish. He doesn’t like getting in the water, but he LOVES being by the motor and having the wind in his ears!

My waterproof speaker is just adorable! I make sure to throw it in just in case, you never know when we are going to need a dance party. Especially if the boat’s isn’t working or we just need to pump up the volume!

There ya go y’all, the Lake Day tote that took a village! I hope you have a blessed week! Get out there and enjoy the sunshine & water a bit this summer!

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