A Day in Manitou Beach

My story with Manitou Beach is just beginning! It was truly love at first sight when I discovered the town for the first time. A scenario I like to call a “happy accident”, but has God’s hand all over it! The town has quickly become one of my favorite escapes and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I took a random day off from work during the July 4th weekend and had a blast shopping and exploring.

I have to applaud whoever made the decision on the design of the town buildings. It truly looks like a coastal town right off the lake. The only thing is, the route there… you’d never know it was coming! Manitou Beach is not a very large town, but it’s packed full of charm and friendly people!

My first stop of the morning was Michigan Gypsy Boutique. It’s the perfect little mixture if you’re looking for something from the area or from Michigan. The apparel is customizable with the choices available on the wall. The designs featured the nearby lakes, Michigan and other fun sayings. If you saw my blog last week, What’s in my Lake Day Bag you know that I picked a Michigan design that was exclusive to the shop.

I loved all of the little things in this store and honestly can’t wait to go back! I made a list of things I want to snag on my next visit. Especially since my fist visit I had my Lake Day Bag in mind. That cherry pancake mix in the corner… yeah, I’ve been thinking about you!

Nestled right behind the boutique is the Boat House Art Gallery! No need to go through a different door or anything, they are actually connected. Which is really neat! The artist in me couldn’t help but wander around. My favorite pieces were the bright oil paintings of the water and the nautical flags that I believe spelled out “Lake”.

I don’t know if you noticed… but Devils Lake View Living has a lighthouse sticking out of the top of it! There is honestly no way you can miss this building! Also, it’s the only one on the opposite side of the road from the rest. I fell in love the moment I walked into this store, half of it is Spartina 449!! I have honestly found my new go-to for buying Spartina!! Yay!! No one near me really sells it, occasionally I will find pieces of the Great Lakes collection… but nothing like this!

Apart from the Spartina in the center, there is a mixture of everything. A little section for home, kitchen, baby, mens, clothing, kids and pets. You can definitely tell that this is a dog friendly little town, as there is a section just for them! I even discovered that they carry PreneLOVE as well! Talk about my kind of handbag store! πŸ˜‰

Paula’s Poop Deck is literally the go-to for swimwear & coverups! Carrying a mixture of items and all the swimwear name brands such as Reef and Roxy! I found many pieces that were adorable and I’ve noticed that they are always getting new things in. This is honestly the store to get you to the water! Everyone was so sweet & helpful too, they are how I decided where to go to lunch afterwards.

Two Lakes Tavern is the nearest dining to the water in Manitou Beach with some lake views on the patio, and if you’re inside it’s got some fun and interesting decor! Check out the doors on the ceiling!! I suggested that they could use some awesome unique door knobs to go with them. Now, I took a random day off on a Thursday and didn’t get to eating lunch until around 2pm. So, that’s how I lucked out with having the place to myself… for about 15 minutes. Then, it got packed!

I still got to treat myself to a lovely Summer Shandy and their recommended Brisket Sandwich while watching the Tiger’s win! It was a winning lunch to me! The sandwich was lovely, I truly do not get to treat myself to brisket enough now that I am a carnivore. I even recommended it to the person who sat near me a while later.

While I didn’t have Tucker with me, I couldn’t help but check out the new pet store! Diamond in the Ruff just opened this summer and it’s just the cutest little pet boutique. The owner is the groomer and has a set up in the back of the shop, while the front has all of the pet supply basics and extras. I can’t wait to bring Tucker & Reagan on their next trip to Manitou.

You’ve heard of the love lock bridge in Paris right? The love lock heart I’ve shared in Curacao? Well, this is the same concept in Manitou Beach! It’s a love lock arch!

Y’all know me, I just had to stop by the coffee shop! Sandbar Cafe seems to be the center spot of the town and is certainly my favorite! I’ve been here by far the most now… thanks to my frequent visits! πŸ˜€ This cafe serves AMAZING coffee… ok, it’s Zingerman’s. Of course I’m a bit biased, they’re an awesome Ann Arbor company! They feature Ashby’s ice cream, smoothies etc. as well as a full menu! Including pastries, soups, sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfasts and dinners to-go. I have yet to try the food other than some pastries, but the sandbar and pecan cookie thing that I had was beyond delicious! I’m also a bit fond of the iced lavender lattes! πŸ˜‰

I mentioned that the cafe seems to be at the center of the town, it also seems to hold events here, sells local goods such as bread and flowers and has mini gallery from local young artists.

Clearly, if you’ve been paying attention to my outfits you can see I’ve been here more than once… to the coffee shop that is! πŸ˜‰

I hope y’all enjoyed a peek at my new favorite local getaway! I sure do have a busy couple weeks coming up in my Space world, so it’s nice to have somewhere to give myself a break when needed. Of course, that might just be in December at this point… Have a blessed week y’all!

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