Reagan (my Fur-Sister) turned 1 at the beginning of this month. In the months leading up to it, I knew just what kind of epic party to throw her… a SplashPawty! My water loving Mermaid Fur-Sister has enjoyed the splash pad (pool) I bought her for Christmas ever since the temps got warm. What better way than to turn this into an epic party filled with her favorite things featuring Dollar Tree?!

This little girl is officially one years old y’all! Boy has the year just flown by! The weeks leading up to her party, it’s as if she knew what I was planning… then when we went out she knew the entire party was for her! You should have seen her, it was the funniest thing. Not only does my Mermaid little Fur-Sister LOVE the water, but she absolutely LOVED her birthday cake as well!!

I made sure to have a mixture of ‘Dog Friendly’ and ‘Human Friendly’ items. You can tell which is which by noting the paw print or hand print on the food tags! πŸ˜‰ If it has both, then it’s safe for both dogs and humans! I know, I went there…

I snagged all of the party supplies from Dollar Tree as well as the dog dishes to have some extra water on hand. Reagan had fur-visitors and I needed to make sure all stayed hydrated, despite the pool. I also picked up the cake tray, shell cups, white bags, treat bags and inflatables.

Reagan actually loves pasta and mozzarella cheese. To make it human worthy I added basil, tomatoes and created Caprese Shells! Personally, I like to drizzle balsamic vinegar and olive oil on top of mine. Goldfish were an easy ‘Mermaid’ favorite and we tend to buy the Parmesan flavor.

Oh my goodness this sandcastle cake y’all! First of all, I kind of shocked everyone by not making cupcakes… oops! I guess people were told there were going to be cupcakes. Luckily, this sandcastle cake is STILL being talked about! It’s a four layer vanilla bean cake with vanilla frosting and crushed graham crackers. I went and bought a sandcastle pail, washed it, lined it with Saran Wrap. Made four square cakes and filled the pail layer by layer adding frosting in between. Then I put in the fridge overnight. I took it out, tipped it upside down and voila! It held its shape! This was truly my Cake Boss moment, always gotta challenge myself. I simply frosted it and then covered it with crushed graham crackers until it looked like a sandcastle.

The Clam Cookies were so simple and yet a delightful hit! I added purple food dye to the leftover frosting and piped them onto the vanilla wafers. Setting the top one at a slant and completing it with a ‘pearl’ large sprinkle. These went super fast!! Of course the left over crushed graham crackers work great for the bottom of bowls too.

I have all of the food tents (and more) available for you to download here.

Y’all know I had to add a touch of pink somewhere! I mixed together some pink lemonade for a hydrating cold treat. I also kicked these clam cups up a notch by designing turtle tags to add to them. That way, guests could also add their name to the back of them. I have the turtle tags for you to download here.

Reagan (I) made sure that all of the guests, human and canine alike left with a goody bag! I adorned the bags with a larger version of the turtle tags, which I have for you to download here. To fill the bags I made homemade dog treats (for the dogs) and puppy chow (for the humans)! I also have the treat bag tops for you to download and make for your own party here.

You can tell the (very wet) birthday girl is one happy Mermaid Fur-Sister!! She enjoyed every minute of her party and every bite of her favorite foods. Reagan even thinks that every time I make cake it’s now just for her… We have to teach her it’s only a yearly thing still.

I’ve been having nothing but fun adventures lately… I bought a kayak! I’ve been kayaking on a different lake every morning on the weekends and it’s been so much fun!! Reagan went for the first time last weekend and within two minutes jumped in the lake on my Mom! I wasn’t even in mine yet, it was sooo funny!!

Have a blessed week y’all!

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