Casual Michigan Game Day Fashion

One of the many things that I love about Fall is that it’s also football season. I’ve decided to highlight a bit more of that part of my life this year. While I’m not hitting up games every weekend, you can sure bet I’m cheering them on in some fashion. So, whether your throwing a killer spread in front of the couch, hosting a tailgate or hitting up a sports bar to watch the game; I’m sharing one of my weekend looks and a couple of my favorite places that I find my game day fashions.

Let’s start with this Kaite Pullover top from Flying Colors Apparel. That’s right, it’s kind of named after me! It’s such a fun piece, with a sassy side. The material is so soft, it’s really great on your skin. The kangaroo pocket comes in handy, especially when you need a quick spot to stick your phone for easy access. Ready for the fun part?! It’s open back! That’s right, pull out that fun bra or slip on a tank if you’re a little uncomfortable with it. I’ve actually gone with both ways. To be honest, I forget about the back until I lean against something cold.

Flying Colors has so many fun styles! I actually have a couple of Michigan items from them. Michigan not your team? No worries, they have a ton of teams. Just click on yours at the top and find what you’re searching for.

Now, let’s dive into my purse. I’ve actually gotten asked where I got my ‘Michigan’ purse a few times already. But the thing is, it’s not actually a ‘Michigan’ purse! I kind of made it into one… Y’all know I love Impressions and when they came out with this Maize colored purse this summer, it was an ‘add to cart’ kind of moment for me. I also snagged their navy headscarf to tie onto it. You could easily find a scarf you like on Amazon or even in your closet! Trust me, I searched my closet first before checking out. Believe it or not, I did not own a navy scarf. When they came in, they were PERFECT!!! Trust me, I was ready for football in July! Next up, I started looking for keychains, smaller for a bag charm. I knew that I wanted a small “M” one for the bag that was primarily navy and a throwback NASA one to hint at my Space Girl status. The NASA keychain I found on Amazon and added it to a lobster claw hook that I had in my closet. The Michigan keychain I actually picked up on campus. I was in one of the little convenience snack stores and they had it in the back. All in all, super easy to create your own ‘Michigan’ purse or even one for your own team!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first Michigan game at the Big House!! I know, I can’t believe it took me that long either. It’s kind of a long story. I’m thinking about sharing a bit about my experience, especially some of the culture shock differences having only experienced pro-games before. Not to mention things that I never even knew growing up in the Ann Arbor area my whole life! Have a blessed week y’all and GO BLUE!!

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