Overview of My Wyoming Trip

I’ll be honest, I actually have several Wyoming posts that I want to give you. There was SO much that I did & saw in such a small amount of time, yet so much still that I could do. I’m going to kick off my adventures with an overview of my trip so you get an idea of why I was there, where I went and what I was up too.

This was my first time traveling via plane AC (after COVID). I was actually happy to learn that for the most part, flight travel hadn’t really changed. Sure, you have to wear a mask. Wyoming was actually a scheduled trip for 2020 that got postponed for work, and the one that I was most disappointed in missing. The fact that I still got to go, I was thrilled! I was traveling for a 2-day conference that was held at the Snow King Resort in Jackson, Wyoming.

Wednesday // I love it when I get to pick my flights! I actually prefer to get to places early, go exploring and get the lay of the land. It also gives a little wiggle room in case of plot twists along the way. Which means that I arrived at my resort around 1pm Mountain Time. I was able to check into my room early, refresh and start exploring!

Currently due to COVID, all of Jackson Hole is under a mask protocol while indoors. All buildings have adorable signs with a wolf wearing a mask to remind you. During my first trek to town down from the mountain resort, I decided to walk. I wanted to know the route and get a lay of the land. It was pretty straight forward as all roads kind of lead towards town square. From there you can find just about anything!

I hadn’t eaten since before I got on my first flight, around 6:30am eastern time! Needless to say pushing 2pm mountain time, this girl needed to eat! Fast! I went straight for Pinky G’s Pizzeria and ordered the Godzilla. Partly because of the name, partly because I knew I needed protein.

I didn’t really shop or anything at this point, just observed. I found The Wort hotel was across from Pinky G’s and knew I would be hitting it that week, I noticed Cowboy Coffee and where Pearl Street Market was for necessities. Then, I made my way back up to my resort to take a much needed nap with my leftover pizza.

After a much needed nap and some down time I decided to try out the bus system to get back down to town. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do for dinner, so after a bit of browsing in stores I ended up at Glorietta’s. With me, you can never go wrong with Italian! Especially when it’s homemade!! I’m not entirely sure how… but I got chatting with those at the bar and ended up closing the joint down! Everything seems to close at 10pm, which is after the last bus. Meaning, I had to walk back up to the hotel after my VERY long and exhausting day.

Thursday // This was the first day of the conference (whole point of my trip) at Snow King. Oddly though, they scheduled lunch on our own! I hopped the bus and headed downtown, I definitely knew my way by then. I ended up grabbing a cuban sandwich at Genevieve’s. This time, I ate inside…

On my way back to the bus stop I grabbed a latte from Cowboy Coffee to help me get through the rest of the afternoon conference.

That night, we had a reception up at the resort ballroom, complete with star gazing. The reception didn’t end until 9pm, making it a bit late to grab anything for dinner as everything would have been closing by the time I would have made it to town. Luckily, I had cold pizza in my fridge and found Beauty and the Beast playing on TV. #Goals y’all.

Friday // The last day of my conference and a jam packed one at that! Even the lunch hour was a working lunch with presentations. After the closing statements, I ran back to my room to drop my stuff and booked it to the bus stop! I made it downtown before some of the stores closed and got a good head start on some goodies that I had my eye on since Wednesday. Luckily, I had kind of scouted the stores beforehand.

For dinner I headed to Snake River Brewery which happened to be their last day before they closed for winter renovations. I ordered a flight as I couldn’t help but want to try a bunch of the beers, turns out they gave all of the ones on draft to me! After pasta, pizza… it was time for a steak! And let me tell you, it was outta sight!!

I ended my Friday night in Jackson at the legendary and historic Silver Dollar Bar at The Wort Hotel. I’m a mule girl, so I couldn’t help but try the Montana Mule and get a taste of that local Huckleberry they’re so famous for!

Saturday // My shuttle to the airport wasn’t scheduled to leave Snow King until 2pm Mountain Time. That meant I could spend my entire morning downtown and enjoy myself! I woke up bright and early, had the hotel hold my bag and hopped a bus to town. Might have been a bit excited… I started off enjoying a latte and ham & cheese croissant at Persephone’s. It was simply heavenly sitting on their porch enjoying my breakfast while sitting next to a fire.

Saturday was when I got to finish my shopping from the stores that closed early the night before. I got just about everything off of my wish list before heading back to Genevieve’s for lunch. This time, I ate on the patio. I ordered the side of mac and cheese and the famous pig candy (candied bacon). Talk about lunch with a view! This was probably the best way to end my trip to Wyoming, sitting there looking up at a mountain.

Once again on my way back to my favorite bus station I made a stop into Cowboy Coffee for an iced huckleberry latte. I figured it was the best kind of send off!

Believe it or not, I tried to keep it a short and sweet overview y’all! Lots of eating, shopping and of course working!! Don’t worry, I have plenty more Wyoming goodies and more in depth of some of those restaurants to share with you.

Today is my birthday and talk about adulting, I am in full work mode as this weekend I am on my way to HOST a conference for work in Grand Rapids. Have a blessed week y’all and enjoy some cake for me!

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