Cooler Temps Tips & Red Rocks Dress

Cooler Temp Wardrobe: Dress, Tights, Boots. Check! Check! Check! Just because it got REALLY cold and dark doesn’t mean I can’t still look fashionable. You just gotta get a bit… creative about staying warm!

I’ve always said that I would live in dresses year round! Which is why I had to find a comfortable and easy way to wear them in the cooler temps, especially living in Michigan. MANY years ago I discovered fleece lined tights and let me tell you, they were a game changer!  My rule is this: ‘as soon as snow hits the ground’ –  that’s when the flip flops get put away and the fleece tights/boots come out to keep me warm.

I’ve long put away my tropical print dresses and have been leaning towards the darker colors and large florals lately. I snagged this Red Rocks Concert dress from Impressions last month and have been in love with the fun vibes that it brings! The large bright prink flowers over the brown/black knit with subtle feminine touches help bring the dress to life. I can also attest, the dress can totally twirl! Y’all know me! 😉 Best part? It definitely has pockets!

Curious about my necklace? It was a little treat to myself from my trip to Wyoming. The closest I could find was this one from Kendra Scott.

Also, I definitely recommend splurging on some comfy OTK boots or even thigh high boots if you haven’t already. They go great with dresses, skirts & jeans!

Here is a different kind of tip, more like a reminder:

I am now working from home, the majority of the time for my main job. Meaning, I no longer go into the office everyday. I understand the change/shuffle that could have impacted on your life. My advice is this: Don’t stop being you! Keep going out! 

I still go and get a cup of coffee on occasion. Why? Because, I’ve been doing that since I was in the 5th grade and it’s just who I am. I still get dressed, do my makeup and stay true to who I am. I treat myself to dinner on occasion (not takeout!) again, getting dressed/makeup and leaving the house. I go shopping… you see where I am going with this. This isn’t about the pandemic, this is about LIVING! KEEP LIVING! *Little rant over*

I’ve had this week off and let me tell ya, it’s been a blessing so far! I’ve been catching up on sleep, sewing, hanging out with family, catching up around the house, taking naps, etc. MUCH needed!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed week y’all!

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