Christmas Eve Pizza Bar

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions in my family happens on Christmas Eve, a pizza bar. It started with my late Grandparents and when I moved into my condo I ended up hosting the tradition of making our own pizzas. You see, In my family we always have a pizza party for Jesus for His birthday!

I wanted to merge the traditional Christmas decor with an Italian Pizzeria flair for our Christmas Eve dinner. The red tablecloth and matching napkins actually belonged to my late Grandmother, who started this tradition.  With touches of snowflakes, hidden trees, olive branches and gold tones this tables cape is all set for Christmas Eve.

Let’s face it, we all like snacks! My family and I will probably watch our Church service virtually and then start making our individual pizzas which can take awhile to cook. That means we need something to nibble on! I like to just grab a Mediterranean platter or Cheese plate with crackers. Easy peasy, and there is usually something for everyone.

Let’s get to the Pizza Bar! I’ve prepared the toppings and measured out the dough to individual sizes. That way, it’s an easy to make kinda night.

Fun Fact: We make our own pizza sauce every year!! As well as Spaghetti Sauce! Yes, they’re slightly different. 😉

Given my family’s requests I have prepared: onions, red bell peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, pepperoni, ham and parmesan cheese. As I’m sure you know, you can get as many or as few toppings for a pizza night. It’s really so simple! The white paper I used is more of a parchment paper type and I wrote the toppings for a fun touch.

Curious what’s for dessert? Christmas cookies of course!!! But, they haven’t arrived yet… My parents will bring over the Christmas Eve Cookie Plate that I’ve kept safely out of my reach at their house. You see, I have a weakness for cookies. #NoShame. I would have to walk a mile… in the snow… and cold… barefoot… this is clearly what I’ve been telling myself all month.

A Pizza Bar is such a fun night for all ages! It doesn’t necessarily have to be for Christmas either. As for me, I love my family’s pizza tradition! It’s so different than anything I’ve heard before. If you’re wanting a new tradition or just to try something new one year, go for it! It’s fun!

Have a Very Merry Christmas y’all and a Happy New Year!!

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