Travel Packing List

Let’s face it, I’m a Jetsetter! I have been for quite some time now. I’ve been packing my suitcase for so long that I used to have it almost ready to go at a moment’s notice. Mix that with my fearless nature, and I’m quite fun to travel with! 

When the world paused, so did my suitcase. Hilariously when I started packing to start traveling again I kept forgetting one item, which inspired me to make a Business Travel Packing List. It’s a FREE downloadable that I made for y’all (and for me!). I don’t like to overpack, but I do like to have a couple of options just in case if I change my mind or in case of emergencies. I also like to shop, so I like to make sure there’s space, just in case I’m bringing back something fun! Like five pounds of coffee…

What’s that one item I keep forgetting you might ask? Deodorant. Yes, I wear it everyday. But for some reason I never have a spare/travel one laying around and have to always run to the store last minute. This happened when I traveled in August, September, October and again this earlier this month for my DC trip. Fingers crossed for July’s trip y’all.

Trust me, I won’t get offended if some of y’all start handing me deodorant come the first of July either…  at the rate I’m going with this I’ll start laughing because chances are I’ll need it for my trip!

Yes… When I’m traveling for Business I’m also that person that plans their outfits with sticky notes! In my defense, I’m REALLY busy when I travel! Day 1 this past trip, I started my day at 7:30am and didn’t return to my room until 10:30pm.

My Travel Favorites:

Packing Cubes // These are the BEST!! Every member of my family has a set of these at this point. Actually, I think I have two. I use some of the smaller sizes for other things in my daily life, like a bag for Tucker’s things in my Jeep. They come in so many different colors, but I’ve always loved the bright pink inside. 

Toiletry Monogram Train Case // I’ve had this case quite awhile now and even bought my Mom one as she fell in love with mine. It has a couple of pockets in the sides and top that fit small things like q-tips & hair ties. Plus the case is large enough for the larger bottles if need be!

K Tote Bag // This is a new one for me this season and I simply loved it! My wardrobe for DC was mainly black, business, and a bit on the sleek metro scale. I wanted a tote that would match me for my conference, carry-on and bring me into Spring! It worked perfectly!! Not to mention I got a bunch of complements. This was definitely my #AmazonFind of the season. 

The Spartina Mermaid pouch is for makeup, which is always the very last thing to be packed the morning I leave!

I’ve had a blast traveling again on this side of the pause. Things aren’t quite the same, and if you haven’t yet I recommend just looking up guidelines from your airline/airport etc. Other than that, just stay open and be respectful! But, I would say that even before the pause.

This K Tote is truly the #AmazonFind of the Season!! Holds everything! My laptop is seen in it!

It occurred to me back in October when I was in Jackson, Wyoming that there was another ‘name’ that I could use to describe myself. Chameleon. You see, I was mistaken for a local within the first couple hours of landing. It kind of happened again last week in Alexandria, Virginia. I was asked if I lived there and it was my first visit as a grown up! I’ve noticed that I tend to blend in wherever I tend to be. To which I credit years of experience. I might have also been giving lessons in how to reload your Metro card the second I landed in DC… 

My first stop? Water! Always. Stay tuned for more views of the Potomac coming up. 😉

Whether your a seasoned traveler getting back in the game, a newbie, going for business or even pleasure (fun!!) – I hope that my list is beneficial to you. 

Safe travels y’all! 

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