Washington DC: Wharf District

At this point I don’t think that it surprises anyone that I threw my bags in my room in Arlington and hit the yellow line on the Metro two stops down to get closer to the Potomac River. I had very little free time on this quick trip to DC, and I was bound to take advantage of it in one afternoon.

Truth be told, I had the Wharf District on my list back in 2020 and just never made it. Two years later, it was the only plan on my list for my DC Trip! Washington DC happens to be an annual work trip around the same time each year. However, due to the pesky pandemic 2021 was virtual. I also didn’t feel right sharing all about my 2020 trip, as the world changed immediately when I returned. But, you better believe that I had fun!

I think that I’m one of the few in my age bracket that can actually read a map, but that’s what I did the second I stepped off the Metro at L’Enfant. I needed to know which direction I was facing and how far down the boardwalk was. I started walking, but it was going to be about 10-15 minutes of walking. After going through a long day of airports and metros already, I jumped on a scooter! 

The scooter got me there in light speed! I do recommend them for traveling the long-ish walking distances. The cost was about $5 each way, which isn’t too bad. I happened to hit the perfect day for a stroll down the dock, it was 70 degrees and sunny that afternoon in DC. While the boats and most outdoor adventures were still wrapped for winter, it was still a much needed breath of water.

I actually learned how to ride these things back when I was in DC in 2020 and hadn’t touched one since. While it only took me a few minutes to get back into the swing of it, (not to mention my reckless scooter driving) I at least gave the Military convoy nearby a show in the process. I swear I heard them laughing. Turns out I only broke/violated 3 rules/laws that day with the scooter. All in a days work y’all…

Of course I do my research, which is why I knew exactly I was headed for a well deserved lunch. When someone asks me what restaurant they SHOULD go to, I’m always in favor of having them try something that they either can’t get at home or haven’t had before. It’s a way to always keep you trying something new! Which is why I chose Kaliwa for lunch. While I’ve had Thai food before, I’d never had the pleasure of trying Philippine or Korean.

The restaurant was gorgeous inside!! The showstopper was the drink that I ordered on a whim. I ordered the Siam Citrus – Absolut Vodka, Grapefruit & Rose Soda. It was not only breathtakingly beautiful but completely refreshing and not at all overly sweet. I ordered the “Bicol Express” (Crispy Heritage Pork Belly, Eggplant, Tomato, Chilles) for lunch. It was a bit spicier than I was expecting, and it definitely got me fed. I was really glad it came with rice though.

I will say, if you’re spending time in the DC area, expect “touristy” prices and most restaurants include the gratuity on the bill. That has become a bit standard there.

I spent the rest of my time just browsing the shops along the pier. Enjoying the weather, the water and the sun setting.

The perfect explanation of the Wharf came from a colleague that night, “it’s a perfect mix of old meets new!” I honestly couldn’t put it better myself. The mile long shoreline is filled with high rises, as they are in the midst of building condos and have multiple businesses. Down below is filled with an endless stream of restaurants, shops and other fun things like a random S’mores trailer with a fire pit! At the far end is the fish market, which looked like it was straight out of a movie!

That particular fish market happens to be the oldest continuously operating in open-air in the United States. It opened in 1805 and is only 17 years older than New York City’s.

Have a blessed week y’all!

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