Bar Cart

My bar cart has been a couple months in the making now to get everything just right. It fits perfectly in this rather awkward nook in my living room while brining a fun touch to the corner.

First and foremost, I wanted to make sure that every touch stayed true to who I was. Some items I’ve had for years, some items are new and it was just a matter of bringing it all together. Y’all know I love to entertain! With a small kitchen, I’m thrilled with lightening up some much needed cupboard space in the process. Not to mention creating another entertaining surface!

Bar Cart // This one checked off several of my boxes when it came to finding a bar cart. I knew I wanted a white one, several layers, glass storage and wine bottle holders. It also happens to be metal with grey glass shelves and I love that it’s actually on wheels! 

Let’s start with the top shelf and work our way down!

Teal Picture Frames // I snagged these from a local shop, The Cottage Rabbit. I knew they’d go perfectly with my teal boxes! There is a picture of me and my bestie from last Halloween. As well as the Great Muhammad Ali and me as a baby when he picked me out of a crowd and kissed me.

Tray & Cocktail Shaker // I think I went through three of my trays before I settled on this one. The tray and cocktail shaker are a HomeGoods find! I’ve linked similar from HomeGoods, but there are far more finds in the stores!

Decanters // My decanters have been passed down in the family. Here are some pretty ones though! Decanter 1, Decanter 2, Decanter 3

I got a little crafty and made the decanter necklaces for the bottles! Each and every type. The rest are stored below. I also made the magnolia drink stir sticks as that’s my favorite flower.

Middle Shelf: 

I’m clearly a fan of Fever-Tree. Not only do I love the flavor, but the packaging is just so on point! My very old Pampered Chef polka dot ice bucket is in the back awaiting to entertain. Notice the pink polka dot martini glasses? Those are also Pampered Chef from many years ago!

Milk Glass // I LOVE milk glass and have been collecting it over the years. The piece from the top shelf I use for more lemons/limes etc. The one on this level I found worked perfect for cocktail napkins! While I frequent my local stores, I also troll Etsy for my milk glass treasures. 

Mug Tree // I’m a mule kinda girl! 😉 Mine are nickel plated from HomeGoods a few years ago. I wanted to hold them somehow, so I snagged this acrylic mug tree from Amazon! It’s perfect for the space!

Bottom Shelf:

Aside from the obvious bottles…

Teal Boxes // These were another Amazon find and came in a set of 3! They are perfect for storing all the miscellaneous items I tend to have. 

You’ll find little finds from my travels here as well! I mentioned I was a mule girl.

Well, after having a huckleberry mule at the legendary Silver Dollar Bar in Jackson, Wyoming; I brought home a bottle of Grand Teton’s Huckleberry Vodka. Like the bar towel? It’s cherry blossoms! I snagged it from a Made in DC shop last month in Washington DC. The ships wheel bottle opener? That’s a treasure from St. Joseph, Michigan. One of my favorite little getaways!

Cheers y’all! Here’s to a week of blessings!! 

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