Summer 2022

It’s been a while y’all! Sorry about that. What have I been up to this Summer? Well! That’s a long tale… there’s been just so much going on with me lately. I’ve had plenty planned to share, but there just hadn’t been enough time in a day to do it all. Before I share posts about all the fun stuff, I thought I would do a big Summer 2022 recap of what’s kept me busy and what has slowed me down.

A Good Friend

I have been trying so hard to be a good friend this summer and be there for those that needed me most. Often times putting their needs before my own. It kinda comes with my servants heart, as I tend to do it without thinking. I’ve spent some quality time with a couple of my friends this summer. Often having plans to be in 3 places at once. 

A Good Daughter

Of course when my friends weren’t needing me, I was right there for my family and spending quality time with them. Often times this was spent on the water getting some much needed relaxation. Which leads me to…


I have spent a couple days a week on a speed boat this summer. Turns out, I’m a natural when it comes to all things boating! (No surprise there) I’ve kayaked only a few times this summer. Mainly I have spent my days speeding on the lake, lounging on the bow or splashing around in Mermaid Lagoon. 

Mac & Cheese Festival

I’ve had this trip planned as a blog to share with y’all as I seemed to do this one right! I gave my Parentals tickets to the Mac & Cheese Festival in Kalamazoo for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It was held on Father’s Day weekend. Let’s just say, I went in with a plan, a tote bag and everything ended up perfect!! I got festivals down pat y’all!


A work trip brought me to Racine, Wisconsin in July. Staying at the Franklin Lloyd Wright Wingspread property for a few days was like a big work slumber party, right off of Lake Michigan. 

Learning New Things! (and Old)

I taught myself epoxy resin this summer! I was throwing a Garden themed Sweet 16 and was making all of the trays. So, I was going around picking leaves and flowers. There was a lot of experimenting, but it turned out amazing and so pretty!! I took up fishing again. I hadn’t been fishing since I was little. Although, I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to fish. I’m still a newbie Golfer and I’ve only been able to hit the range once so far. I’ve haven’t even made it out on a course yet this year! Here’s hoping this Fall I can. I even started hiking earlier this Spring! My town had a challenge going and I needed to get out and clear my head a bit. 

Enchanted Garden Sweet 16

Speaking of the Sweet 16, I threw an Enchanted Garden Sweet 16 party! Making all of the food, trays, decorations, etc. It was a couple months in the making but completely worth it! Plus the birthday girl was thrilled!


This one is very personal y’all and something that I really haven’t shared much about. Some just call it ‘heartbreak’. But, I’ve never felt ‘broken’. My heart feels hurt, torn, devastated, confused, aches, attacked, fallen, lost, betrayed, loves, has forgiven. But it is definitely not ‘broken’. If you give me a Thesaurus I could probably keep going. This one has been the hardest for me and something that God and I talk about A LOT! The easiest way to explain it is that I’ve been working on healing this Summer. 

Of course this is all on top of working with my fearless driven ambition. If you didn’t notice the themes, there came times where I forgot to take some time for myself. Well, that kept coming up to bite me. I tried to take a day or two to rest when that happened. That wasn’t enough. I was doing a bit too much,  not putting myself first or taking care of myself for that matter. Which is when… 

Sprained Ankle

I’ve always said God has a sense of humor. I didn’t take enough time to rest when I really needed to rest, so He made sure I did. In a REALLY painful way I might add. I sprained my right ankle simply walking into my garage. Yup, that’s it. My right ankle & leg also happens to have some hefty hardware in it from 2007. I hadn’t hurt it since then. There is no fracture and the hardware was not harmed. But boy, was the hardware irritated and has me sidelined for awhile. 

Funny thing is, my Summer is not nearly over as I have a few more adventures planned before Fall. Sprained ankle and all. But now I am resting and healing y’all. In more ways than one. Have a blessed week!

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