Before & After: Living Room

My living room is done, clean and before Tucker decides to get out all of his toys I thought it would be best to photograph it. This room was my dining room my first day on the floor, my bedroom my first two nights here and thankfully my living room all the times in between. Today, I am sharing the transformation of the room that I spend most of my time in.

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First Home Updates

I know some of y’all have been anxiously awaiting some home updates so here we go with some sneak peeks. I figured after living in my tower for a bit more than a month it was finally time to start sharing some pictures and what’s been happening inside. Continue reading

Two Christmas Show Traditions

Like most people, I have a quite a few traditions this month. Two of mine happen to have happened this past weekend and are so similar yet so different that I thought I would share a piece of my December with y’all. So, I am sharing my two Christmas live show traditions with you this week. Luckily for me, and due to some amazing planning, I managed to get them in the same weekend this year.

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Life Update: This is 30

I had so many emotions going into this birthday season. My birthday has always been my favorite holiday outside of Christmas and Easter, naturally I celebrate it like it’s never going to end. A friend put it best the morning of my birthday, “Look at how much you have accomplished, I wouldn’t want to be 20 again for anything”.  I gotta admit, that hit home. I have accomplished, learned, and grown so much in these last five years let alone 10. So, I am going to share three pieces of advice that I have learned along the way that I would tell anyone at this stage in my life as well as share a bit of where I am now, my new dream, as well as my new grown up job.

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Do NOT Stay in your Lane

Warning: Rant ahead filled with a touch of preaching, inspiring and an overall disapproval of a common phrase. 

Earlier this month I received a phone call. I’ve been very clear that I have had a rollercoaster of a Summer and this hit me during a week I was so close in my faith with God and was following HIS lead blindly in more ways than one. I was feeling amazing, confident, helpful and without a doubt my heart was in the right place. I regret nothing. I would actually do it all over again. Nonetheless, I received a call that started with being told “You Need to Stay in Your Lane!”

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Life Update: Hemi’s Retirement

Last Monday my world changed a bit. It truly effected me and gave me an emotional week filled with love and support from those around me. Hemi decided to retire. Now for those of you that don’t know, Hemi is my truck and we have been partners in crime for 14 years this week. My history with my truck is a bit more beyond our years together so here is a bittersweet sendoff to one of my best friends.

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