About Me


I’m so blessed you’re here and can’t thank you enough for checking out Lipstick, Lattes & Pearls. I want to welcome you personally to my website and introduce myself, so grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and let’s chat!

My name is Katie, and I currently live in a small town in Michigan called Chelsea. I am a Daughter of the King and try to live my faith every day. I’m a dog mom to a rambunctious Yorkie-Poo named Tucker who is the Mac to my Cheese. (We tried peanut butter and jelly, but no one wanted to be the jelly.)Tucker

My roots are Southern and I would rather be near water than anywhere else in the world. #Mermaid. I love swimming, kayaking, boating, lounging waterside… Always up for trying new adventures!

I own a piece of land Gulf side in Florida with a Turtle as a tenant. Condo-owner in Michigan that I have affectionately named the ‘Tower’. Living my best #JeepLife with my Wrangler named Celeste. 

Traveler by nature and am constantly packing my suitcase for my next adventure. I’ve lived not only in Michigan but in Italy and Florida as well. 

Art History is a passion of mine and I am constantly researching buildings and museums. I love the theatre and enjoy treating myself to plays, musicals and giving myself a great reason to dress up a bit more than usual. 

I LOVE sports and am constantly staying active! I’m a Green Bay Packer OWNER and major University of Michigan fan, especially when it comes to football. Newbie golfer and always up for learning new things!

I love to cook and bake! Whipping things up in the kitchen just comes natural to me and I am often creating my own recipes. With well over 15 years of corporate event experience, I love throwing together theme parties! This includes a well planned out menu to accompany it. My family & friends really luck out in the taste tester department as well!

My blog started many moons ago and has evolved over the ever changing times. While I keep a full time ‘grown up job’ now and keep Lipstick, Lattes & Pearls as more of a hobby, it has unfortunately become less consistent over the years. I still try to keep it a happy balance of all of my interests though!

Let’s break down the name:

Lipstick- Honestly, I was raised with “putting your face on” before you left the house every day. Although I treat putting make-up on like playing dress up every morning. Lipstick has always been my go-to and is never not within reach for me.

Lattes- I have been drinking coffee since the fifth grade, and more often than not you will find me in a coffee shop or at least with a coffee in my hand. Lattes have been my order for years now although I drink coffee in any format.

Pearls- I am a pearls girl through and through. They just go with anything and I absolutely love wearing them! Pearls are traditional, strong and gorgeous which are a tribute to not only my Southern side, but the water as well. They remind me of both of my Grandmother’s which are two pillars in who I am today. Fun Fact: My Mamaw told me that I officially earned my pearls when she tasted my final biscuit recipe!! 😉