Living with Essential Oils

I have been living, using and breathing essential oils for almost 25 years now. Because of my severe scent allergy my Mom started using them on me when I was little as they seemed to be the only thing I’m not allergic to. You see, my allergy is anything that is an artificial scent and I get an instant migraine the second I smell something that isn’t natural or pure. My reactions to scents are all over the board, the most severe being hyperventilating, blacking out and even trips to the hospital.

Young Living’s oils are 100% natural! I have NEVER had a reaction to them. Over the years I have started incorporating them into my lifestyle and now I use several on a daily basis. I have made my own recipes for hand soap and laundry soap revolving around the oils.  I use lavender on my dryer balls, diffuse throughout the day in all three of my diffusers as well as if anything unexpected comes up. When I’m sick, have a cut or something hurts I turn to oils before medication as it’s often not needed after that. Long story short, I LIVE essential oils.

I love sharing my recipes, blends and other tid bits with you. If you ever have any questions feel free to email me anytime! I will happily try to answer any of your questions.

Curious about oils and want to give them a try? Feel free to check it out here. You will notice two separate prices on the website, one for wholesale members and one for customers. To become a member you need to purchase a kit, but no pressure you are more than welcome to choose to be a customer. When checking out you will be asked to fill out your Enroller & Sponsor and that’s where I come in! I would love it if you would sign up under me so here is the information that you will need for those spots.

Name: Kathryn Anne Klink

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