Do NOT Stay in your Lane

Warning: Rant ahead filled with a touch of preaching, inspiring and an overall disapproval of a common phrase. 

Earlier this month I received a phone call. I’ve been very clear that I have had a rollercoaster of a Summer and this hit me during a week I was so close in my faith with God and was following HIS lead blindly in more ways than one. I was feeling amazing, confident, helpful and without a doubt my heart was in the right place. I regret nothing. I would actually do it all over again. Nonetheless, I received a call that started with being told “You Need to Stay in Your Lane!”

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Everyday with a Maxi

This mermaid is going to be trading in her starfish for some stars from the sky pretty soon. Giving y’all a bit of a warning, I have been obsessing over stars, moons and such for the Fall season since June! I know, crazy, but it’s the hazard of being a season ahead in my jobs. For now I am embracing my fun colors, mermaid vibes and coastal accessories as long as I can. Like this casual everyday look I styled with a maxi skirt.

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Nautical Maxi & Sunshine

I am living for those moments in the sun. Especially if it comes with an iced latte in hand. I actually work my day job inside with no windows and no ounce of sunshine. So let me tell you, naps outside on my patio have become an afterwork tradition as are stopping by my new favorite coffee shop on the way home. I’m going to miss these days of throwing on a sundress and running out the door to spend time in the sunshine, so I’m milking it as long as I can.

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