How I Moved Tucker

This week is all about Tucker and how I went about moving my elderly canine best friend. I was definitely worried as to how he was going to handle this big change in his life and schedule. I’m so thrilled at how it turned out and hope that it helps anyone else moving their furry best friends.

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Before & After: Living Room

My living room is done, clean and before Tucker decides to get out all of his toys I thought it would be best to photograph it. This room was my dining room my first day on the floor, my bedroom my first two nights here and thankfully my living room all the times in between. Today, I am sharing the transformation of the room that I spend most of my time in.

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Summertime LBD

Y’all know I’m a sundress girl through and through. When I’m not in my PJ’s this pandemic season, I am wearing my sundress wardrobe like crazy! Of course, I seem to never have enough in my closet and wanted to share my latest adorable summertime little black dress (LBD) with y’all.

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First Home Updates

I know some of y’all have been anxiously awaiting some home updates so here we go with some sneak peeks. I figured after living in my tower for a bit more than a month it was finally time to start sharing some pictures and what’s been happening inside. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of my #DontRushChallenge Clip

I can’t tell you how excited I was when Fashom reached out to me asking to shoot this little clip. It was a much needed breather back into the fashion realm after weeks of space, unpacking, painting and lots of cardboard boxes. It was also my first video in a LONG time! I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts, tidbits and Easter eggs that you can find in the original 22 second clip of my video that I submitted.

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