Cruise Edition: Pizzeria del Capitano

Happy Friday lovelies! Today I wanted to spill some details all about my favorite food group, pizza. Yes, you read that correctly in my world pizza is a main food group and is a very serious subject. As someone who has spent time in Italy it’s actually raised my standards a lot on this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle loving food and made it pretty hard to meet my standards. Carnival has done a wonderful job in the pizza department and it has become one of my most favorite spots on the ships.

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Cruise Embarkation Process

I partly apologize from here on out, there will be as many cruise posts as I can get away without being overly obnoxious within the next 6 months. Why you may ask? I am headed on my 7th cruise in January which is a 13 day Caribbean!! Now you can see where this just opened up a whole lot of blog possibilities. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about cruising over the years and embarkation is a huge one! For those that aren’t familiar with that term, it’s the actually process of checking in and boarding the ship to start your vacation.

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Cruise Tips!


For the past two weeks I have been on a much-needed vacation with my family, one that forced me to go completely unplugged for at least a week. We started our journey flying into Miami and boarding the Carnival Glory the next day. This was my fifth cruise with Carnival and let me tell you I am ready to book my next one!

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