Being Thankful

bt-blogIt’s the time of year again where I battle with my love for Christmas and at the same time try not to overlook Thanksgiving.  I’m trying to stop myself from breaking out the tree and all of my favorite Christmas decorations. (Plus my army of Nutcrackers!) Not to mention I keep finding myself going into the kitchen to start baking Christmas cookies! This week I want to share with you my need to just stop and be thankful for all aspects of my life during this month of Thanksgiving.

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Gilmore Girls Viewing Party


My absolute favorite show is Gilmore Girls. I have watched the entire series at least once a year since it ended in 2007. (Guilty!) Naturally I was beyond excited when the revival was announced and now that it’s coming up this month I decided to share my Gilmore Girls viewing party with you.

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DIY: Foaming Hand Soap


I fell in love with Young Living Essential Oil Thieves Foaming Hand Soap in January, and realized when I went to wash my hands that my soap dispenser was yet again empty, I seriously pouted as I did not want to spend another $17 (plus shipping!) for hand soap let alone the $50 refill bottle! My frugal side started thinking about what it would take to make my favorite foaming soap so I asked myself several questions…  How hard would it be to make? What would the cost of the supplies be? Would making the soap actually save me money??

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