First Impressions from Soma

Apparently I underestimated my Spring cleaning abilities this past season… because it turned out that I had no pajamas left! I had gone through and threw away all of my old pajamas and donated ones that I never wore which left me with one major hole in my wardrobe staples. When it came down to going shopping I knew I wanted to try Soma’s collection and I fell in love with my very first try on.

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5 Things I do to Unwind


#1 Color!

I’ve been coloring as an adult since before it was cool! To be perfectly honest, I have never stopped coloring!  Believe me, I have enjoyed the latest trend of adult coloring books as it has forced me to ditch all of the many Disney ones that I had picked up at the dollar store. Speaking of Disney, before I left my program and graduated from Disney U, as a going away I had all of my co-workers color a page in a coloring book for me. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got not only for originality but because they loved the relaxation that 10 minutes of coloring had brought them.

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