Cruise Edition: Pizzeria del Capitano

Happy Friday lovelies! Today I wanted to spill some details all about my favorite food group, pizza. Yes, you read that correctly in my world pizza is a main food group and is a very serious subject. As someone who has spent time in Italy it’s actually raised my standards a lot on this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle loving food and made it pretty hard to meet my standards. Carnival has done a wonderful job in the pizza department and it has become one of my most favorite spots on the ships.

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Traveling Vegetarian: Mani Osteria


I’ll be honest, I’m horrible at picking out where to eat when it’s in honor of myself. I am awesome when it comes to a group or when my family is traveling and picking out who accommodates to all of our picky eating. My travel books are complete with menu’s and stars next to what looks great for who. But to just solely think about what I want? It’s not in my heart and I had the hardest time deciding. But boy did I pick right!!!

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Gilmore Girls Viewing Party


My absolute favorite show is Gilmore Girls. I have watched the entire series at least once a year since it ended in 2007. (Guilty!) Naturally I was beyond excited when the revival was announced and now that it’s coming up this month I decided to share my Gilmore Girls viewing party with you.

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