Everyday with a Maxi

This mermaid is going to be trading in her starfish for some stars from the sky pretty soon. Giving y’all a bit of a warning, I have been obsessing over stars, moons and such for the Fall season since June! I know, crazy, but it’s the hazard of being a season ahead in my jobs. For now I am embracing my fun colors, mermaid vibes and coastal accessories as long as I can. Like this casual everyday look I styled with a maxi skirt.

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A Day in the Life of Katie


My daily schedule just about varies from day to day. People all the time ask what my schedule is like, and their eyes go REALLY big when I start listing the different possibilities and everything that I do in a given day. At least three days a week are pretty much the same and I thought I would share with you one of those, a day in the life of Katie.

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