Winter Sweater Wish List

With Christmas just around the corner, snow on the ground and that sense of always being cold my mind is on staying warm this winter. I just love a good sweater, or a few to get me through the next few months of torture. That’s why I am sharing a Winter Sweater Wish List from Gamiss with you this week!


I’ve had #3 in my wish list for some time now. I’m not sure if it’s the play on words or just the chicness of it but I adore it! #4 is similar to the sweater that I wore earlier this week on my blog, I’ve been loving that soft pink lately, especially in winter! #6 reminds me of my polka dot sweater from Stitch Fix and with stars being on trend lately I just knew it had to be an addition to the list.


#1 is technically a sweater dress but I adore it all the same. I would pair it with some tights or leggings and throw on a pair of tall boots for a fashionable yet warm outfit. #2 is something I would wear to get Starbucks. I’m not sure why that is what comes to mind especially since I would wear just about anything to get Starbucks, but hey this girls gonna look good going through the drive thru! #5 is so cute! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day in a couple months or even to add a bit of feminine sassiness to your wardrobe.

Which one is your favorite? Any tips for staying warm this winter?

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