Rosegal Christmas Wish List

There is still plenty of time to shop for Christmas so I’ve created a last minute wish list for Rosegal. I usually post their clothes and I wanted to let you know that they have quite a bit more such as home decor, accessories and other fun nifty things. I tried to include an assortment for you as I tend to just get lost for hours looking at their site. There is just so much to see!!

First and foremost make sure to check Rosegal’sย shipping guidelines so you know what kind of time frame you are on for Christmas. I’d hate for you to be disappointed. I know I ordered something things on Black Friday from a different company and I’m a bit bummed that I haven’t received it yet. I’ve even sent messages. Trust me, I understand the shipping struggles y’all! Rosegal is really great in listing the shipping times based on where you live and whether you should upgrade your shipping to get it in time. They also offer free standard shipping over $45!

Of course Rosegal is having a sale right now and I have a special Shopping Day code just for my readers. Use codeย RGBF1ย for 25% off! You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Snowflake Dress// Rosegal has some adorable Christmas dresses!! There was just something about this one, maybe that I could wear it all Winter?! As much as I dislike snow it sure does make an adorable dress. Plus it’s the fit ‘n flare style that I just adore.
  2. Star Clutch// LOVE this clutch! It’s not only perfect for the Holidays but it would be fun for Valentine’s Day as well! Besides, one can never have too many purses.
  3. Cobalt Tassel Earrings// I wear a lot of blue. I admit it. So these tassel earrings would go with the majority of my wardrobe. They are such a classic style and would also add a pop of color to any outfit. If you aren’t quite in the blue world of your wardrobe yet these would also be a fun intro into adding the color.
  4. Packing Cubes// Clearly I’ve got travel on the brain with my trip coming up next month. I have a set of packing cubes and let me tell you, you can never have enough of them and they are an absolute lifesaver. Try them on your next trip!
  5. Dog Bed// I like to change my fur babies beds every so often and this one is just too cute with the pillow. I don’t know about your babies but mine just love pillows and blankets so this one seems perfect for my spoiled babies.
  6. Hanging Storage// I’m a restless person, I always seem to have to be doing something. With the Holidays I find myself with plenty of spare time between Christmas and New Years. I find that it’s the perfect time to start organizing and going through things. Which is why I absolutely love these hanging baskets! I’m thinking they would go great in my laundry room to hold the odds and ends.
  7. Travel Jewelry Case// I always struggle with different ways to keep my jewelry when I’m on vacay. I have a few cases that have become my go-to’s over the years and this is a similar one to one of mine.

Happy last minute shopping lovelies! Of course my shopping is all done, but another gift couldn’t hurt…

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