Fashom Unboxing Video

It’s finally the weekend and I can’t wait to share this new brand with y’all! I recently was introduced to a new styling subscription service called Fashom. What set’s them apart from others is that you actually get to pick out what is sent to you! Check out my video to see me unbox my very first shipment.

This video/post contains items in collaboration with Fashom.

Everything I kept was my own choosing.

I signed up using their app, which was an absolute breeze to fill out my profile and how I like things to fit. Then I was given the option of choosing my own stylist or having it chosen for me. After a couple days I was sent options to choose from courtesy of my stylist and after that it was shipped to my doorstep.

Hope you liked it! Overall I ended up keeping the velvet black jeans and bone asymmetrical top. I have worn both this week alone and absolutely love them! I will totally try this service again and hope that you will treat yourself to your very own Fashom Box.

If you want to see more videos from me send me a message as I’ve had fun filming them for you. Have a great weekend y’all!


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