Traveling Vegetarian: Terralina in Disney Springs

Disney Springs has gotten so many changes over the last couple years, including new shopping, restaurants and gorgeous parking garages. Out of all of these new restaurants I couldn’t wait to stop by to see the new renovations they did to Portobello or as they now call it, Terralina.

Portobello was hands down one of my favorites. I had eaten at the bar after work quite a bit during the time I spent down here in the happiest place on earth. When the imagineers transformed the restaurant they turned it into a more Italian kitchen theme. It’s very open, homey and helped welcome me back on land.

I mentioned my love for Portobello to the waitress and she mentioned that they still had the old garlic spread if I wanted it with my bread. HECK YEAH! It was more of a condensed version as you used to be served an actual garlic and had to scrape out the insides yourself. This one came in a nice little pastry dish. Unfortunately my family and I were so hungry there are no pictures of that, but I did manage to snag a picture of my new favorite appetizer… minus one. I told you we were hungry!

As soon as I saw those fried olives on the menu I just knew I had to try them. They were the largest green olives I have ever seen, came stuffed, mouthwatering and were grilled to perfection. Definitely a must order!!!

Back in my days of working for the Mouse I always used to order the ravioli. It was unlike any I had ever had as it was HUGE! These were the largest raviolis ever and I got at least two meals out of them. I was thrilled to see it on the menu, but the dish had a wonderful upgrade. Gone was the standard sauce and in was this creamy roasted tomato sauce that literally had me scraping the plate with my bread. Yes, it was that wonderful.

There are many flashy new things happening at Disney and I can’t wait to try them all. But I love tradition and making sure to pay honor to my favorites. Have you tried Terralina yet in Disney Springs?

Have a blessed weekend y’all!

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