The Hideaway Guest Suite

 Last month I took a trip down to Virginia to visit family. My connection with the state is coming up on the blog next week, but this weekend I am sharing all about where I stayed. The Hideaway Guest Suite which is only steps from the Famous Virginia Diner.

This quaint little log cabin with a cottage feel had me feeling like Snow White in the enchanted forest. Granted my view was the highway I still walked the halls singing and waiting for the birds and deer to show up to do my dishes. The main level is actually a couple of stores with a secret door that led up to the suite. So the top windows are actually the suite that I stayed in as it’s the entire length of the building. Although I totally took advantage of the porch when the shops were closed. 

It was my Mamaw, Mom and I that went down so naturally my trip was filled with adventure, spontaneous impulses, incomplete sentences and lots of laughter. The suite had two rooms, one bathroom, a full kitchen, cozy eating nook and a roomy living room that we were able to put an air mattress in to make into another bedroom.

Master Bedroom

2nd Bedroom- I also call this the Snow White Room

It’s such a cute little place, and if you’re traveling around the state it’s a great, clean option. Not to mention affordable! I ended up staying for about a week and it was a great opportunity to stay close to family. 

 Have a blessed weekend y’all!

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