2019 Holiday Look

I can’t believe Christmas is next week already! I don’t know about you but my December has been filled with parties, unexpectedness, events, deadlines and more importantly a lot of moments for me to stop and remind myself to breathe. I thought it would be the perfect time to share my Holiday look with you this week.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom Rack, but is written by myself with my own opinions.

This West Kei dark green jumpsuit is perfect for this time of year! The pleated pants and dark color dress up the style for a festive occasion. I just love treating myself to stopping by Nordstrom Rack occasionally. It’s a perfect opportunity to find brands that I love at more reasonable prices, especially when it comes to something to wear for a special occasion. This was my first jumpsuit ever and is such a fun and different style for me. Here is a similar option for you.


Let’s talk accessories! I wanted to bring pops of pink into my look after all, I’m not really a red person. I recently snagged these heart earrings from Southern Sequins on Etsy. I ordered a few pairs that will be coming up in an upcoming blog post and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of them. These acrylic hearts are a perfect touch to my jewelry collection. I pulled my favorite clutch from Arden and Gold out of hiding as well as my bright pink heels to complete the look. Festive with pops of pink!

My head has been in space lately and I’m actually looking forward to a few days off to regroup, recollect my thoughts and goals as well as set some plans for the upcoming year. Not to mention this girl is seriously behind on sleep. I just have so much to do until I get to that point next week…

Have a blessed week y’all! Make sure to set aside some time to enjoy your time off!

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