Touring, Shopping and Rock Climbing in a Maxi

What does this girl wear to spend a day touring a desert? Apparently, a maxi sundress and flip flops! Let’s be real, when it comes to the warmer temps I am always wearing a sundress. Prior to my trip I had a blast ordering dresses from Main Street Dresser. When I came across this maxi I knew I needed it in both colors, pink and blue! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Aruba was my first day off the ship after 5 days at sea. While you will be seeing a travel post about my time on the island next week, this week I’m giving a few hints to where I went. While visiting the California Lighthouse on the far west side of the island on a large hill made of coral I thought it best to get some pictures during a break. Plus, there were quite a few selfies along the overgrown cacti on the deserted north coast.

This maxi dress was perfect for my day sight-seeing. I was in and out of a bus, climbing on boulders and eating ice cream cones by the north shore of the island. It gave me the comfort I needed from the heat without being miserable. It’s a soft cotton maxi with fun details like the button neckline and the two slits on the sides. I actually wore both of these dresses quite often on the ship as they are very versatile. The blue one will be popping up later for a fun spring transition look! While both dresses are now sold out, MSD releases new items every single week. With the promise of spring, new dresses will be hitting soon (hopefully) and I know just where to stock up! Make sure to use code KATIE15 for 15% off!

I kept it comfy and familiar with my shoes and slipped on my black patent leather Tory Burch Millers. I did mention that I spent five days at sea, I was so swollen this trip that I had a hard time fitting into my shoes. I’ve never had this problem before on cruises so I’m not sure if it was the land to sea ratio or what was going on. But you will notice my face and feet might appear a bit differently in some of the pictures from my trip, some days I was shocked at myself and I still have the bruises on my feet to prove it. Nevertheless, these were my most comfy pair of sandals at that time. Of all time really, if you haven’t invested in a pair I would totally do that this spring! I will note that I prefer the patent ones to the normal leather pairs.

Closer look at my earrings in this picture. But if you look really closely you will see these GIANT rocks that I climbed. This picture was actually taken post-climb and the last stop of the day.

My shades are my Quay favs but here is a similar pair for the new season. Aren’t my earrings perfectly adorable for the tropics? Let alone this time of year! They are from Southern Sequins on Etsy and I am absolutely obsessed with them! They are light, fun and make a big impact. Perfect when you’re keeping your jewelry light and breezy. The best part is that they are so affordable!

It wasn’t all glam in the Caribbean for this girl. Check out the frizz game with my hair. Between the wind, sea and heat my hair was a goner for sure.

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me in the space world. But I sure am missing the ease of sundresses and the warmer temps that went along with them. Have a blessed week y’all!

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