Valentine’s Sequin Dress

This dress was love at first sight for me the minute Main Street Dresser sent it to me in an email for her Valentine’s release a couple weeks ago. After seeing it in person, I knew I couldn’t not do a post on it!

This post is in collaboration with Main Street Dresser and contains items picked out by myself.

This dress is a RUBY for sure! Definitely a sparkly option for painting the town red as it is covered with sequins. An LBD is always a must for your wardrobe, but this is a perfect LRD for your wardrobe! The slight ruffle hem is a playful touch and I just adore the balloon sleeves. The dress fits true to size, there is really no stretch. I definitely recommend taking your measurements beforehand and going by that for sizing. This glitzy piece of perfection also comes in black! Make sure to use my code “LLP15” for 15% off!

Now let’s talk Valentine’s Day! I know some states are still not even open yet, Michigan restaurants are supposed to open finally on Feb 1st. And don’t even get me started on movie theaters, I’ve been craving a large bucket of popcorn with butter since March.

But here’s the sitch y’all, we are almost a year into this pandemic. Even before the pandemic, I had this mindset: Life is what you make it! You don’t need a special “reason” to dress up, or someplace to go. If you want to dress up, MAKE a reason! You could easily create a romantic night in if that’s what you want. Pinterest y’all, get creative.  I wore this dress for the photoshoot and went to get coffee to-go afterwards. I can’t tell you how many people loved it and the smiles it brought! I have always dressed up anytime, because I want to. Last summer, I was wearing dresses to go and get the mail. The pandemic isn’t going to last forever, you can always keep building key pieces in your wardrobe. Especially if they make you happy!

I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to slip into this dress after rocking pajamas and jeans for months. It was like a breath of fresh air to play dress up again! I definitely recommend trying it, it might just lift your spirits! Now, we have snow & ice here in Michigan so I wore thick wedges so that I wouldn’t slip and fall. Also, I had blisters on my heels at the time and they were open back. It was a win-win.

There ya go! My rockin’ red dress that’s been a hit online, my 2 cents on Valentine’s Day and a tip about lifting your spirits a bit during these gloomy Winter pandemic months. Meanwhile, my brain has been on…. bunnies! Yes, you read that correctly. Secretly, I’ve already been working on Easter. Have a blessed week y’all!

Now, excuse me while I wear this red sparkly number to go pick up groceries… 😉

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