3 Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer time is a completely different feeling here in Michigan. I feel like the other three seasons are all in anticipation for these few months of sunshine. The weather is different, I’m outside more, my makeup changes with my tan and I can’t wait to spend a day on a lazy river! This week I am sharing my top 3 summer beauty must haves for the next couple of months!

Aveeno Lotion Sunscreen

This has become my sunscreen go to for the past couple of years. I am MAJORLY allergic to scents and most sunscreens make me sick instantly. Aveeno products are known for being scent free and perfect for sensitive skin. I wear the spf 30 here in Michigan in the summer, I prefer to protect my skin from future damage of the sun later in life. When I travel to Florida or the Caribbean I up my spf to the 50 because it’s closer to the equater and the sun effects are MUCH stronger! This sunscreen isn’t too heavy so it doesn’t give you that cakey feeling, it feels more like a light lotion when applying. Even if you don’t have a scent allergy I HIGHLY recommend using this because you never know who is around you that you are making sick! #ShareTheAir

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo – Unscented

I love, love, love, love, LOVE this dry shampoo! Did I mention that I love it? It is so hard to find an unscented dry shampoo and I searched for months before finding this one last year. It has not only been the answer to my oily hair problems but it has made my hair so much healthier not washing it every day with heavy shampoo and conditioner. Although I recommend washing your hair if you’ve been swimming right away but for the daily work week this is perfect and a beautiful time saver!

Clinique Take The Day Off Moiste Towelettes

I’ve been using these make up remover wipes for about 6 months now. I was a bit worried at first because my skin is so sensitive but Clinique delivered once again! These are so silky soft that they leave your face feeling like you just put on lotion. They don’t hurt your eyes even after rubbing all the make up off of them and there is no scent/perfume. I love to travel with them as well as use them daily in my nightly routine!

Do you have any scent free summer beauty recommendations?!? Hope you are enjoying this lovely start to the summer!

*This post is not sponsored. Just products that I love!




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