A day in the OBX!

IMG_9899On my most recent trip down south to visit family, we decided to take a day trip an hour and a half away to the Outer Banks, North Carolina! It is by far my favorite beach outside of the Caribbean and it was a perfect chance for me to relax and collect seashells.


We started the day at Starbucks. I know, shocker! But a round of Frappuchino’s kept us women in harmony on our long trek to the beach.

As we crossed the “Bridge of Happiness” you could tell we had entered a different world and mentality. We all transitioned into relaxation mode quite nicely. As we drove, we were instantly surrounded by brightly colored beach houses, souvenir shops and some of the best small restaurants around!

Our first stop? A quilt store! I know, not really where most people would stop first, but there was three and a half quilters in the car. It was a very charming quilt store and we had a blast with all of the beach-y fabric that we normally don’t get to see.

Next stop, BEACH!



We went to Cape Hatteras National Seashore, it is technically a National Park and was a beautiful escape. Because it was a beautiful Monday morning the beach was almost empty!


I can’t tell you how shocked I was at how mellow I became. I got up at one point to cool off in the water and the next thing I knew it was four hours later. I was able to completely zone out, collect seashells and be captivated in the beauty of the ocean. I emerged from the beach as if I had just received an hour massage, you could have probably asked me anything at that point. No coffee required.


For dinner we went to Basnight’s Lone Cedar Café right on the water. I just fell in love with their produce garden in the middle of the ramp and stairs on your way into the restaurant. Not to mention the beautiful white rocking chairs on the porch! The hit of the night was the grit-cake! Seriously. Between the five of us I believe we ordered 6 more grit-cakes just to take home!






IMG_9272  IMG_9275




IMG_9283  IMG_9288

Before we headed away on the “Bridge of Sadness” we made the most necessary stop at Duck Doughnuts. If you have never been to Duck Doughnuts before, I HIGHLY recommend it, STAT! Duck’s has a different concept, where you create your own doughnut! First you start with a coating (such as cinnamon sugar, chocolate icing, peanut butter icing, maple icing etc.) then you pick a topping if you wish (such as sprinkles, chopped peanuts, coconut, bacon, etc.) and finally you can choose a drizzle (such as hot fudge, salted caramel, raspberry and blackberry).

IMG_9293 copy



All of their doughnuts are made fresh to order. Personally I chose to try a Peanut Butter Icing/Chopped Peanuts/Salted Caramel combination and let me tell you it was the best doughnut I have ever had! This is definitely my family’s favorite tradition before we leave this wonderful mellow vacation state of mind.




Have you been to the Outer Banks? What do you recommend?


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