Victoria’s Secret Sports Workout

I’m incredibly lucky to have not only a mile long wellness path in my backyard, but the High School football field as well! It allows me to have options on where and how I want to spend my workout. Although I love my barre work outs I do like to go for a run now and then. Especially as the temperatures are cooling down.

It’s hard enough to get motivated to work out, I always find it easier knowing that at least i’ll look cute and fashionable doing it. I also like to reward myself with coffee afterwards. I have been obsessed with Victoria’s Secret Sportswear for a while now and every year I look forward to the new college line. I love that although they are the same pieces they come in all of the different teams allowing you to represent your team spirit no matter where you are! Not to mention they’re usually super cute!

This lightweight Michigan top is made to be a wonderful fabric when working out but my favorite part about it is that it’s also loose enough to feel comfortable. It’s not completely form fitting which works great when you are moving around. Let’s face it, I am a curvy girl so I have to really pay attention to descriptions on clothing before I order it. With Victoria’s Secret I usually know clothes will fit me when it says “relaxed fit”. Because nothing is worse than falling in love with a top only to find out that it’s too form fitting and doesn’t do your body justice. 

My favorite work out pants ever are these VS Sport Tights. I started wearing them to my barre work outs over a year ago and couldn’t get enough of them! I have them in so many different styles and colors. They are stretchy with a little pocket in the waistband. Yes, they are form fitting but they allow you to have the range of movement that you desire when doing things like stretching, Yoga and Pilates. 


Growing up in the outskirts of Ann Arbor, of course I am a Wolverine fan! Have a great weekend y’all, and Go Blue!

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